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Move & Your Mind will Follow

17 Oct

Think about this: When are you most frazzled, stressed, anxious, depressed [insert sad emoji here]? I can assume you are not actively doing something productive and fulfilling, and I can also assume you are most likely sitting down or somewhere stuck in traffic.


Thought leader Marie Forleo says, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” When we are taking action, we can begin to push through the black cloud rather than laying down under it until it passes. We must get up and move our bodies so our minds can connect and refocus and we can find better decision-making opportunities.

Try these actions the next time you begin to feel the dark cloud of uncertainty toppling over you: take a group fitness class, go for a “traffic-less” drive with your favorite music blaring, step outside for a walk with your dog, or meet up for a relaxing coffee date with a friend. Then, return to your past anxieties, and I assume this time, your dark cloud has peeled back to some sunshine of certainty.








11 Dec

After a long week, what better way to jump into the weekend than with healthy and practical motivation, tips and ideas? I’ve decided Fridays are perfect days to get yourself mentally and physically prepared to workout, eat healthy and ENJOY (yes, that means have some fun)! So today’s first ChristyFit Friday post is all about how to conquer a huge block to being our best selves… Fear of Change and Uncertainty.

I can attest for two things: Change WILL happen and uncertainty WILL happen. Our response to those two inevitables is what makes us better or stuck in a rut.

I used to have huge issues with change and uncertainty. “What if I don’t get that job?”  “What if that person doesn’t like me?” “What if I die early?”   – dramatic I know – and the most common, “What if I’m not good enough?” We immerse ourselves in “What if’s” instead of saying “So what.”

So what if you don’t get that job. It was probably meant to not happen so you will have time for the better one you will eventually be ready for. So what if that person doesn’t like you. You have so many more people that do and will, and so on… The point is that if you worry about what might happen you won’t stop to think about what great things COULD happen.

ChristyFit Friday #1

Perfect example. I left LA in March to Austin, TX to have a more normal existence. During those last 6+ months of normalcy, I realized how much I enjoy entrepreneurship and making my own way doing what I’m passionate about. I love health and fitness and working with people and I knew in my heart that I would be stifled elsewhere. So I quit my job, albiet an honorable position, that I had moved to Austin for, at first wondering what the heck living in this town meant for me. I eventually jumped (ok, slowly crawled) at the chance to move back into the exciting but scary world of health and wellness and entrepreneurship, while very frightened at not having money and not being good enough – even though I had found success in my many years in the field.

My fears were tested. I had a couple panic attacks prior to starting my new job recently even though I had worked in this field for nearly 12 years. I wondered what had happened to me. I knew I had confidence issues at times but this was getting ridiculous. I needed to take ownership of the fact that my “fears” were controlling me and I just needed to suck it up and get back out there. I took a chance once again and realized that the fear of change and uncertainty wasn’t worse than my other fear… regret. Thankfully, I realized two important lessons: I AM good enough and I can always learn more.

Whatever you are fearing right now, just test yourself and go after it. The worst that can happen is you say “Oh well” instead of “What if…”

What is Stability Anyway?

19 Jan

When I first moved out to LA from Cleveland, I was tired of stability. The stable job (although I can’t complain about stable income 🙂 ), the stable relationships, the stable city, and overall, the stable… Life. THAT was not what I really wanted. I knew I had dreams to accomplish. But inside, I was anything but stable, which reflected what I saw on the outside.



I looked up the definition of stability. Merriam-Webster says it means “to have strength and to endure.” Now think about this. What is our traditional interpretation of stability? The white picket fence, the overflowing money and dynamic career, the best bodies, the perfect family? Well, the true definition If stability is to have strength and to be able to endure what arises.

Yes, I am now at the point in my life where I have accomplished quite a bit out here in LA  and also sacrificed a lot so I am looking for more stability in my career, income and relationships and I also appreciate cities like Cleveland so much more! But no matter what we have sacrificed or lost or what we have gained and savored, stability can only be found in our ability to have strength and to endure. These qualities are influenced positively or negatively from our circumstances but they can only be maintained from within. No matter what is going on in your life right now, good and bad, you can only find stability from what you tell yourself every day, who you surround yourself with and how you can make your life the best it can be with the circumstances at hand.

I have made a lot of money and I have lost a lot of money. I have been in great relationships and I have also been in terrible ones. I have been healthy and I have been sick. And, according to the definition, I have been stable and I have not. But my stability, I have realized, can be found and maintained regardless if I was any of the above or none of the above.

We must first be stable within us to find and appreciate our stability in everything and everyone else.

Fitness Motto

22 Aug

Fitness is consistency and moderation (not perfection) over a long period of time… A lifetime. Waking up each day with resiliency to try your best will always excel over all-or-nothing diet and exercise regimes. Stay in it for the long haul, good and bad, and you will have and maintain the shape, energy and inner and outer strength you are working for. 


“What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire.” -Charles Burkowski

22 May


Sometimes life isn’t about how great the day goes but how you can stand through it. Wake up today stronger and more resilient. The circumstances may have not changed, but your perspective changes everything. Are you living fierce or in fear? Today, it’s up to you.

Staying Fit When that Goal is Over

2 Dec


You may be someone who slipped into that beautiful wedding dress or tux, jumped into the ocean in your new swimsuit, competed in a fitness competition or finished that road race. Whatever goal you set, it has officially been accomplished. Now what?! Your strict plan may have allowed you to look a certain way or have the energy to complete a race but many times, we need a slow transition back to “fitness normalcy.” I may be in off-season for NPC Bikini but that does not mean I’m not hitting the weights. Yes, I eat more moderately than when I’m prepping, and I’ve lessened my cardio. But sticking to a regular plan of eating and exercise is imperative if you want to continue your progress for life. Here are my 5 tips to staying on track when that goal is over:

1. Invent smaller goals. Set the date for a 5K; move up a weight in your resistance- training exercises; or plan a short weekend getaway.

2. Stick to an eating schedule.
Portion sizes and types of foods may change from your pre- goal plan but you can eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism running and your blood sugar levels stabilized.

3. Plan to workout at least 3 times per week. You are past goal-mode but your muscles and lungs need to be continually challenged.

4. Encourage your friends and family to stick to a plan with you. Start a weight-loss challenge at work; bring a friend or significant other to the gym with you; or cook similar meals for the whole family.

5. Maintain a grateful attitude toward your body. You may be lacking determination now that the goal is complete but you have the strength to walk on the treadmill; you have the funds to buy healthy foods; and you had the gusto to accomplish your goal once, and you can do it again.

Fall Down 8 Times, Get Up 9: My Week in a Nutshell

14 Dec

Aahh the week no one wants. The “I’m stressed and this is not fair” week; which leads to the “I’m lazy and tired” week; which succumbs to the “Oh, that cake looks really good, and I would rather watch that show” week; which, ultimately, leads to the “I’ve fallen off track” week. Let me explain.

For weeks, I have diligently bought pre-contest chicken, asparagus and more healthy delights. I have fatigued my muscles with heavy weights and pushed my heart during runs and hills. I have truly enjoyed the process. However, a lovely thing called Life happens, and voila! extra nibbles or more than nibbles of candy bars slip into the day, and gym time suddenly diminishes.

After what  seemed like an eternity (less than a week) of pity parties and long, get-up-and-go talks with my boyfriend, friends and my mom, I realized one important thing: NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL YOU MAKE A DECISION AND THEN ACT ON IT.

Your eating habits, fitness level, career, school, family, relationships and your well-being and happiness will not improve until you make a decision to change it or change your perspective on it.

Once I put action to thought, focusing on just what I am doing NOW (making a healthy meal, going to the gym to focus on one workout, going to work for that day, hanging out with a friend, etc) is the day I found my track again. Sometimes, when we have goals, we get so caught up with the days ahead that we don’t focus on the easiest part: right now. Take a moment to just take a breath and focus on today. Yes, we all need short- and long- term goals but lets have our MAIN focus be living a full life today.





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