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My Austin Fit Magazine Article: “Top 5 Ways to Recover from Your Workouts Faster”

9 Feb

I’m so excited to have been published in Austin Fit Magazine, sharing my top 5 ways to recover faster from your workouts. Please check out the article below and let me know if you have any workout recovery questions!



April Challenge: One Goal This Month

22 Mar

A tough goal is never easy, but always worth it.


Sweat poured down my cheeks as my leg muscles burned and I could only ingest sips of air. No, I wasn’t dying nor was I lost in some desert. And yes, this is self-imposed. I was in the middle of a spinning class today…and I felt great afterward! I realized after class that I had been avoiding my max effort for a long time unless sporadically in a race or competition. I never back down to challenges and I always try to work to my best effort in workouts (or so I thought), but I realized my max effort was steps ahead of me. I would stop short of my “All out” because of the discomfort and frankly, I didn’t feel the need to torture myself.

Unfortunately, I will begin to plateau in my progress by staying on the edge of my comfort zone and if I ever want to do another race or competition or continue to perform at my best, I need to keep pushing myself to my highest level (only sometimes – no need for burn out!).


So I decided to create a group April challenge for all of us. Let’s tackle one challenge this month that has been out of reach for you, either because you just don’t like the idea of attempting it, you have found outside excuses as to why you cannot go after it, or you just haven’t had the motivation until now. I would love to pick another goal of mine that I am looking forward to but I’ve decided to pick a goal that is tougher for me: diving into two to three times per week of high intensity work (at a group training class like OTF, a spin class, outdoor run, or whatever I feel like that week).

Write below or share on my Instagram wall @ChristySiebert your one goal you want to tackle this month. It could be kicking a nagging habit, finding time to take a few quiet breaths, entering a race or competition, eating more protein, whatever you want to accomplish! I also want you to write your goal on a post-it, in a journal, on a notepad, etc. for your daily visual. I’ll be there with you this month and let’s have this one goal dominated by April 30th!

ChristyFit How-To Series Part 5: How to Perform the Row

21 Sep

In order to gain the most benefit out of compound muscular movements, we must perform them correctly so we can engage the right muscle groups and not stress our joints and bones. I created this 5-Part weekly how-to video series to show you how to perform correctly 5 of the top exercises for full-body shape and strength.

This week is our final week in the series. I show you how to correctly perform the row. This exercise helps to gain strength in our back and biceps while also improving posture. Please perform 3 sets of 10-12 reps with medium to heavy dumbbells.
Note: For a more customized training and nutrition program, please email me at: christysiebert@gmail.com or if you are in the Austin area, please stop by and take one of my Orange Theory Fitness classes!

CLICK HERE for How to Perform a Row video

ChristyFit 5-Part Exercise How-To Series: Part 2 – How to Perform a Deadlift

22 Aug

In order to get the most benefit out of compound muscular movements, we must perform them correctly so we can engage the right muscle groups and not stress our joints and bones. I created this 5-Part weekly how-to video series to show you how to perform correctly 5 of the top exercises for full-body shape and strength.


This week, I am showing you how to correctly perform a deadlift, common mistakes made and how to fix them to achieve maximum benefit. If you missed last week’s post on How to Perform a Squat, please Click HERE

The deadlift is an incredible exercise to achieve a strong and lean back, hamstrings and glutes. Check out my video in the link below for how to safely and effectively ensure the results you want.

NOTE: For a free consultation for a customized nutrition and workout program anywhere in the USA or to attend your first free Orange Theory Fitness class for all local Austin residents, please fill out the info form on my About Christy page and I’ll respond promptly!








Good and Bad Thoughts Drive Us to Positive Change

14 Oct


Every positive change is led from an action, every action is led from a decision,  & every decision is led from a thought. What are you thinking today?

Ever wish you could drive away all the time wasted suffering in poor health, bad relationships, in the wrong job… which all began from a single thought? But our negative thoughts ARE there for a reason even though they throw us toward poor decisions, poor actions and – you guessed it – our poor reality. But notice, for many of us, we could never know the flip side of vibrant health, quality relationships, satisfying jobs, and more without venturing into what we know we don’t want.

Many times, our negative thoughts lead us to places where we need to breath and live in that are not right for us so we can truly value and appreciate where we are meant and deserve to be.



ChristyFit Healthy Dessert Pancakes (Yes, you read that right!)

3 Oct

ChristyFit Healthy Dessert Pancakes (Yes, you read that right!)

-1 scoop chocolate peanut butter protein powder (I use Met-Rx brand)
-1/4 cup old-fashioned oatmeal
-Ground cinnamon
-Dark chocolate liquid stevia drops
-Hazelnut liquid stevia drops

-Mix protein powder and oats in a blender 1/2 filled with water
-Pour mixture into a sprayed pan on Medium about 3-5 min on each side until soft but browned
-Place pancake on plate and top with dashes of cinnamon, 5 drops dark chocolate liquid stevia drops & 5 drops hazelnut liquid stevia drops

Enjoy your guilt-free dessert!

First NPC Bikini Competition Done! Re-cap on My Journey

20 Sep

September 2013 NPC Culver City Bikini  My journey to my first NPC Bikini Competition on September 7th has been a long one, rewinding to November of last year. I had been inspired by a former IFBB top Figure Pro, “Siren” on Gladiators and a friend, Valerie Waugaman. She gave me the push to complete one of my ultimate goals: prepare to step on stage as a bikini competitor.

My former boyfriend is a trainer, and he helped give me the guidance of a plan. Even trainers need trainers Ha! As my past blogs have attested, I attempted my diligent umpteenth weeks out progress posts with accompanying pictures only to lose motivation, confidence and drive a few months later. Every time I cheated on my diet or skipped a workout, I felt like a failure even though I worked out twice a day, six days a week, ate six times a day and prepped for four days at a time for months. Now, for any client, friend or family member who is making progress, any slip up, I would not punish, but for myself, I felt like I should be able to be perfect at this. Interestingly, this competition was the only thing I couldn’t do…until now.

I grew up trying to do everything well because I had so many interests but I carried with me overwhelming anxiety that I wasn’t good enough. Because of my need to try harder, I fell short with low self-esteem and major body image issues as a teen that still  held some remnants into my twenties like glue I couldn’t scrape off. I could go on TV  and perform, live in my car or crash at friends initially to survive in LA and hold multiple full-time jobs. However, I couldn’t stick to my own proper diet and exercise regime as a trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga and Pilates instructor with ten years experience who is a Masters of Social Work candidate focusing on the connection between mental health and physical health?! I felt like a fraud, and ended up gaining back the pounds and bodyfat I had lost and then some in March of this year.

My turning point came when I met my fitness inspiration and trainer IFBB Figure Olympia Pro Nicole Wilkins the following month. The first pictures are those I sent to Nicole in April of this year. The next pictures are five months later in September of this year at my competition. As I prepped, I felt a loss every time I occasionally cheated or skipped a workout. I needed to look at my comparisons to see all that I did accomplish.

April 2013     September 2013 NPC Culver City Bikini

September 2013 NPC Culver City Bikini

I am proud of my work, and enjoy working with my trainer who has ultimately made me better not just physically but more grateful, appreciative and excited for the future in what I have always wanted to do in addition to acting: work in the mass media in health and fitness. I have so much support from friends and family, and I love hearing that others are inspired to get in better shape now too. My goal is to help people do the best they can at any given time and that “the best they can” is great enough.



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