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ChristyFit 6 Week Fit for the Holidays Plan: Week 1 -Get Started!

12 Nov

The holidays are here! We all want to enjoy yummy stuffing and sweet potato casserole (Yes please!) and relax with family and friends. And we should guilt-free! We also know the new year is upon us and so are our most likely lagging goals. Let’s refresh and restart our goal-driven attitudes while also enjoying our holiday feasts. It IS possible to have the best of both worlds but we must earn it. I’m here with you for the next 6 weeks to help set us  up for success so we can have a happy and healthy holiday season and ring in the new year better than ever!


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My personal holiday goals are to master a handstand and to build more muscle to compete in early 2017 in another NPC Bikini Competition. I’love share my journey and I hope you share yours!

This first week is all about defining our goals and setting our plan in action! Every week for the next 6 weeks, I will add more ways to achieve our goals we created in Week 1 and offer valuable nutrition and workouts specially planned for our holiday deadlines!

Week 1 – Get started!

1. WRITE out your goals for the rest of this year. And notice I didn’t mention thinking about them in your head. Put them in a favorite notebook, type them in your notes tablet, text yourself, stick post-it’s in your car, bedroom door or bathroom mirror. So many options to display your holiday goals!

2. GET SPECIFIC with your goals. A goal is only a distant dream until it’s specified and then actions are taken. Answer these questions to help solidify what you want:

* What health and fitness goals do you want to accomplish by the New Year (pick at least 1)? Ensure these goals can be accomplished in the next 6-8 weeks. Ex. I want to lose 10 lbs.

* When do you want to accomplish these goals? Make sure these timelines are realistic and can be accomplished by January 1. Ex. I want to lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks.

* What specific actions are you going to take to accomplish these goals? Ex. I will perform 30 min of cardio 3 x per week for the next 5 weeks.

* How will I overcome obstacles so I can obtain my goal? Ex. I will pack my lunches every day so I don’t need to eat in the workroom cafeteria where I usually choose unhealthy foods.

3. FOLLOW YOUR PLAN! You have written out your goals, specified them and set a deadline. You have also negated obstacles in your path. So what is stopping you? Stay the course these next 6-8 weeks and together, we will ring in the new year healthier and happier with our goals achieved.

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ChristyFit Vid: 5 Must-Try Moves When Short On Time Part 5 of 5

30 Jan

Want sleek arms, lean legs and a tiny, strong core but you are short on time? Then, try these 5 moves I designed for a full-body workout that will burn calories, enhance your overall strength and save you time.

Move #5: Half-Burpees with Push-Ups

How To Do It:

1. Placing hands on ground and a little wider than shoulder-width apart and body in a crouching position, immediately jump straight back into a push-up position (long plank) and keeping a micro-bend in the elbows.

2. Bend out from the elbows until they are parallel to the shoulders, keeping core engaged and legs long into a push-up. You may also bend knees to touch the ground to lower the intensity.

3. Push body up, straightening from the elbows without locking them and immediately jump inward to the crouching start position.

Try 3-4 sets of 10 reps.


1. The half-burpee (jump-in/jump-out) improves the cardiovascular system and burns extra calories.

2. The push-up engages chest, triceps and core.

Now you have my 5 Must-Try Moves When Short On Time. No excuses! Try them all back-to-back without stopping or perform all sets of one move with brief rest of 30 seconds between sets before moving to the next exercise. Let me know what you think!

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ChristyFit Vid: 5 Must-Try Moves When Short On Time Part 3 of 5

29 Jan

Want sleek arms, lean legs and a tiny, strong core but you are short on time? Then, try these 5 moves I designed for a full-body workout that will burn calories, enhance your overall strength and save you time.

Move #3: Bent-Knee V-Ups with Overhead Bar Hold


1. Utilizes the entire abdominal region and lower back muscles to maintain balance throughout the reverse crunch.

2. Shoulders are engaged and intensity is added with the weighted bar overhead.

How to Do It:

1. Holding a 20-35 lb bar overhead and hands shoulder-width apart, sit back onto sacrum.

2. Lean back, extending legs in front.

3.Then, using abs to initiate the crunch, immediately pull upper spine forward as legs bend inward and repeat.

Try 3-4 sets of 20 reps.

Stay tuned for Move #4 in tomorrow’s ChristyFit post of this 5-Part Series and also please check out my Instagram, FB and Twitter @ChristySiebert for more tips like these!


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