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April Challenge: One Goal This Month

22 Mar

A tough goal is never easy, but always worth it.


Sweat poured down my cheeks as my leg muscles burned and I could only ingest sips of air. No, I wasn’t dying nor was I lost in some desert. And yes, this is self-imposed. I was in the middle of a spinning class today…and I felt great afterward! I realized after class that I had been avoiding my max effort for a long time unless sporadically in a race or competition. I never back down to challenges and I always try to work to my best effort in workouts (or so I thought), but I realized my max effort was steps ahead of me. I would stop short of my “All out” because of the discomfort and frankly, I didn’t feel the need to torture myself.

Unfortunately, I will begin to plateau in my progress by staying on the edge of my comfort zone and if I ever want to do another race or competition or continue to perform at my best, I need to keep pushing myself to my highest level (only sometimes – no need for burn out!).


So I decided to create a group April challenge for all of us. Let’s tackle one challenge this month that has been out of reach for you, either because you just don’t like the idea of attempting it, you have found outside excuses as to why you cannot go after it, or you just haven’t had the motivation until now. I would love to pick another goal of mine that I am looking forward to but I’ve decided to pick a goal that is tougher for me: diving into two to three times per week of high intensity work (at a group training class like OTF, a spin class, outdoor run, or whatever I feel like that week).

Write below or share on my Instagram wall @ChristySiebert your one goal you want to tackle this month. It could be kicking a nagging habit, finding time to take a few quiet breaths, entering a race or competition, eating more protein, whatever you want to accomplish! I also want you to write your goal on a post-it, in a journal, on a notepad, etc. for your daily visual. I’ll be there with you this month and let’s have this one goal dominated by April 30th!


Choosing Fitness over Instant Gratification PLUS Easy, Healthy Recipe

3 Apr

I must admit today I rationalized with myself the benefits of going to In ‘n Out Burger. “I’ve been eating so well these last few days so I deserve it.”… “Burger and fries taste so much better than my usual boring food.” … “I’m not looking too bad – and my competition is a couple months away.” It is surprising how many rambling thoughts can push us into poor eating and lack of exercise modes. Occasional treats and rest are important to maintain balance; however, noticing our shifts toward unhealthy territory can help us to steer back on track with our goals while still enjoying life.

Instead of veering off course, I thought of how I want to look and feel, the people who are supporting me on this competition journey and how blah! I would feel after eating all those calories and fat. So, I immediately shut down those negative excuses and cooked one of my favorite foods: The Spicy Spinach Omelette. Photo, ingredients and directions are below. If you want more carbohydrates, add a side of 1/2 cup brown rice with a few dashes of pepper. Try this recipe or one of your favorites when you want to stray from your plan.

Spicy Spinach Omelette (with optional Brown Rice):

Ingredients: 6 egg whites or 1 cup liquid egg whites, 2 cups chopped spinach, dashes of ground pepper, dashes of Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy, Pam Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray; 1 tbsp ketchup

Directions: Spray pan and pre-heat stove to medium/medium-high heat; add liquid egg whites and let cook until edges are light brown; add spices and spinach; flip over eggs and reduce heat to medium-low/medium; cook until fluffy and lightly brown; place omelette on plate with side of ketchup.

Here is my food in progress:

Spicy Spinach Omelette in Progress

90+ Day Challenge Begins!… Getting Stage Ready for NPC Bikini Contest

19 Nov

Today, Sunday, November 18th, marks my first official day of NPC Bikini training. I decided to embark on this 90+ day journey after a friend encouraged me to begin working with BodybyVi shakes and supplements (I can’t wait to show you guys tasty and healthy recipes!) But the best part of the Vi challenge is the 90-day commitment to any health goal of your choosing. And I chose to compete again in a physique competition.

Here, I will tell you the nitty, gritty details of goal-setting and ultimately, completing them. Yes, this is fun and exciting for me but ultimately, this is going to be TOUGH. But I like a challenge so bring it on! I won’t sugar-coat this (no pun intended as sugar is now not exactly a mainstay of my diet), but I will tell you my ups and downs of my journey with the hope that you may decide to embark on a similar Vi 90-day challenge or find a fulfilling one of your own. You may gain new knowledge of supplements, shakes, foods and exercises to take you in a healthier direction, or to intensify your already healthy resolve. You may even find some motivation and hopefully, humor in your day as you hop onto my ROAD to an NPC Bikini Competition.Image

I will periodically post videos and photos showcasing recipes, workout tips and progress updates. Or you may just see my glorious face as I “oh-so-gleefully” head to morning cardio. Note: “gleefully” and “morning cardio” should never be in the same sentence.

This blog will lead up to the National Physique Committee’s Musclecontest.com Bikini Contest on March 9th at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Culver City, California. Let the games begin…


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