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Your Path Leads To A Better Path

6 Oct

Ever look at your day and say, “Well, that didn’t go as planned!” We have all been there, especially with the advent of social media, allowing instant comparisons of our lives and where we should be. It is easy to feel less-then like you drove into a ditch or, elitist and condescending if you dug your heels in early, riding smoothly on the “right path.”


My life has been one of very exciting ups and terrible lows and it has truly made me who I am in all my glory (take that for what it is haha). But I am proud to say, my resilience is at its peak and it will not waver. However, I do sometimes compare my life at this point in my thirties and feel like I’m not alone in being affected by the “less than/more than” culture in which we live.

I grew up in a small, quiet town in Cleveland, Ohio with parents who are still married along with a younger brother and younger sister. We had good times and not so good times but overall, I know everyone does the best they can with what they have. I was inherently a perfectionist, wanting to have the best grades, appear the skinniest and be the best. Unfortunately, this came at a cost. I fell to the despair of eating disorders, anxiety and depression.

Pictured: A couple years before my issues arose.

Christy 11 with dog

On the outside, I held it together, being “normal” with boyfriends, friends, getting straight A’s in middle school, high school and college, competing as a dancer and cheerleader, being involved in extracurricular sports, placing in writing competitions, and more. More so, I became a certified fitness instructor my freshman year of college. I wanted to be an entertainment reporter so I was accepted into a top two journalism school in the country. I also had fun. Lots of it. But I also would have horrible relapses with my eating disorders starting at 13 years old and with bouts of depression and anxiety. I just couldn’t have a seamless year without dealing with these problems. But my resolve to follow my dreams, pray for my health, and not let my much hidden, personal issues take hold became much stronger.

A few particular moments in my life solidified my ability to get back on track and it always came back to having a goal. I remember having “weigh-ins” at home and being faced with the constant threat of having to go to a psychologist. I prayed for my health every night and began to eat normally, albeit for a short time. I remember reading my mom’s Prevention and Shape magazines and was fascinated by all the exercises to build lean muscle and gain strength. I recall the day my mom said I could only join the basketball team if I was 100 lbs. I was 15 years old, fearing I could not gain that much weight. But I had a goal. It was all I needed. I started to eat and workout to build muscle and gain the weight I needed. I tried out and made the team.

Pictured: A beautiful sunrise driving in Southern California. A place I have wanted to live my whole life and a huge goal of mine.


In college, I discovered yoga but it wasn’t until I few years out when I was living back in Cleveland, that the feeling clicked and the breath, movement and community of people around me helped me better accept what is but more importantly, envision what could be. Yoga became my go-to when I was in distress or felt weighed-down by the world.

Pictured: Photoshoot|Weston Carls.


Another goal that helped shape my resolve to get healthier was deciding to move to California in 2012. That year, I faced “real-world” problems aside from my personal and family issues. I partially lived in my car at one point and also crashed on friend’s couches while I tried to secure extra work to afford the rent and my bills at the same time, I also had to learn how to date again after going through a painful break-up with a long-time ex who moved out to LA with me. On the flip-side, I achieved my goals: I secured commercials, infomercials, fitness videos, print work, and guest spots on tv shows while continuing to focus on my wellness and fitness ventures.

Pictured: An exciting booking – My casting for P90x videos with Tony Horton.

P90 candid pic!

A third goal I’ll share is competing in NPC Bikini. Ironically, the structure of eating a certain way and working out helped me feel more confident in myself and gain control over what I had in the past had no control over – my eating habits. I felt strong, powerful, beautiful and happy. I had a goal to compete on stage and look like fitness models that I had seen in magazines and although, the prep was very tough (especially for me with all my past insecurities), I had learned how to push them aside for this goal! I achieved 4th place.


Years later looking back, I feel like all my goals saved me along with my amazing friends, family and my faith. I still work hard everyday to keep balance in my life. What is second nature to some people is something I need to consciously acknowledge. I don’t always feel great as I haven’t used medication nor seen a counselor in years (but I highly recommend for anyone who is currently dealing with these or any similar issues!). I do feel great most of the time and I’m always grateful. ***I’ll share in a future post my tips to help achieve balance!***

I think if I were living the “normal” life, I would be married, with children, living in a home in the suburbs. And I do want to get married, possibly have children (dog mom for now haha) and have a nice home. But even though that path is not in the cards for me right now, I have faith, goals, incredible people in my life, freedom to date, explore, take adventures… And the freedom that we all have: to change or accept where we are at and where we are going.


I believe the fanciest roads are the ones you unapologetically take on your own, whether or not, they have been easy, tough or somewhere in between. Your path will always lead you to a better path. So lets get moving and enjoy it along the way 🙂




ChristyFit 6 Week Fit for the Holidays Plan: Week 1 -Get Started!

12 Nov

The holidays are here! We all want to enjoy yummy stuffing and sweet potato casserole (Yes please!) and relax with family and friends. And we should guilt-free! We also know the new year is upon us and so are our most likely lagging goals. Let’s refresh and restart our goal-driven attitudes while also enjoying our holiday feasts. It IS possible to have the best of both worlds but we must earn it. I’m here with you for the next 6 weeks to help set us  up for success so we can have a happy and healthy holiday season and ring in the new year better than ever!


PLEASE SHARE these posts with family and friends and and also FOLLOW me on Instagram and Twitter so we can transform over these next 6 weeks together! 

My personal holiday goals are to master a handstand and to build more muscle to compete in early 2017 in another NPC Bikini Competition. I’love share my journey and I hope you share yours!

This first week is all about defining our goals and setting our plan in action! Every week for the next 6 weeks, I will add more ways to achieve our goals we created in Week 1 and offer valuable nutrition and workouts specially planned for our holiday deadlines!

Week 1 – Get started!

1. WRITE out your goals for the rest of this year. And notice I didn’t mention thinking about them in your head. Put them in a favorite notebook, type them in your notes tablet, text yourself, stick post-it’s in your car, bedroom door or bathroom mirror. So many options to display your holiday goals!

2. GET SPECIFIC with your goals. A goal is only a distant dream until it’s specified and then actions are taken. Answer these questions to help solidify what you want:

* What health and fitness goals do you want to accomplish by the New Year (pick at least 1)? Ensure these goals can be accomplished in the next 6-8 weeks. Ex. I want to lose 10 lbs.

* When do you want to accomplish these goals? Make sure these timelines are realistic and can be accomplished by January 1. Ex. I want to lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks.

* What specific actions are you going to take to accomplish these goals? Ex. I will perform 30 min of cardio 3 x per week for the next 5 weeks.

* How will I overcome obstacles so I can obtain my goal? Ex. I will pack my lunches every day so I don’t need to eat in the workroom cafeteria where I usually choose unhealthy foods.

3. FOLLOW YOUR PLAN! You have written out your goals, specified them and set a deadline. You have also negated obstacles in your path. So what is stopping you? Stay the course these next 6-8 weeks and together, we will ring in the new year healthier and happier with our goals achieved.

For more customized online workouts and nutrition focus and plans anywhere, please email me at Also, please come take a class with me at Orange Theory Fitness in Austin, TX. 




Cookie Batter Healthy Breakfast!

23 Jul

Think delicious cookie dough and a healthy, balanced breakfast don’t mix? Try my quick and easy recipe below for a breakfast or snack to curb your sweet tooth AND your pant size!




▪️ Calories – 280 kcal

▪️ Carbohydrates – 47 g

▪️ Fat – 1.5 g

▪️ Protein – 24 g

▪️ Sodium – 461 mg

▪️ Sugar – 17 g

▪️ Fiber – 3 g


▪️ 1/4 cup Maple Grove Farms gluten-free waffle and pancake mix

▪️ 1 scoop Cookies & Cream Quest Nutrition 100% whey protein powder

▪️ 1 tbsp 100% organic maple syrup


▪️ Mix pancake mix and protein powder with water until thick consistency

▪️ Heat in microwave 45 sec- 1:30 until warm but remaining fluffy and creamy texture

▪️ Top with maple syrup and stir

*Enjoy your healthy cookie dough breakfast or snack!*

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Want to achieve even better health and fitness results??

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Good and Bad Thoughts Drive Us to Positive Change

14 Oct


Every positive change is led from an action, every action is led from a decision,  & every decision is led from a thought. What are you thinking today?

Ever wish you could drive away all the time wasted suffering in poor health, bad relationships, in the wrong job… which all began from a single thought? But our negative thoughts ARE there for a reason even though they throw us toward poor decisions, poor actions and – you guessed it – our poor reality. But notice, for many of us, we could never know the flip side of vibrant health, quality relationships, satisfying jobs, and more without venturing into what we know we don’t want.

Many times, our negative thoughts lead us to places where we need to breath and live in that are not right for us so we can truly value and appreciate where we are meant and deserve to be.



Protein Chocolate Walnut Souffle (AKA Soft Brownie) Recipe

7 Oct

Protein Chocolate Walnut Soufflet (AKA Soft Brownie) Recipe

-1 scoop chocolate peanut butter flavored or chocolate flavored protein powder (I use Met-Rx)
-1/3 cup walnuts (about 10)
-Stevia packets

-Fill small blender 1/4-1/2 full with water. Add protein powder and walnuts.
-Blend ingredients and pour patter onto a sprayed pan and cook on Medium-Low to Medium heat.
-Flip souffle ensuring the outside is flaky but inside middle is still soft.
-Top with 1 to 2 packets of Stevia.


ChristyFit Healthy Dessert Pancakes (Yes, you read that right!)

3 Oct

ChristyFit Healthy Dessert Pancakes (Yes, you read that right!)

-1 scoop chocolate peanut butter protein powder (I use Met-Rx brand)
-1/4 cup old-fashioned oatmeal
-Ground cinnamon
-Dark chocolate liquid stevia drops
-Hazelnut liquid stevia drops

-Mix protein powder and oats in a blender 1/2 filled with water
-Pour mixture into a sprayed pan on Medium about 3-5 min on each side until soft but browned
-Place pancake on plate and top with dashes of cinnamon, 5 drops dark chocolate liquid stevia drops & 5 drops hazelnut liquid stevia drops

Enjoy your guilt-free dessert!

First NPC Bikini Competition Done! Re-cap on My Journey

20 Sep

September 2013 NPC Culver City Bikini  My journey to my first NPC Bikini Competition on September 7th has been a long one, rewinding to November of last year. I had been inspired by a former IFBB top Figure Pro, “Siren” on Gladiators and a friend, Valerie Waugaman. She gave me the push to complete one of my ultimate goals: prepare to step on stage as a bikini competitor.

My former boyfriend is a trainer, and he helped give me the guidance of a plan. Even trainers need trainers Ha! As my past blogs have attested, I attempted my diligent umpteenth weeks out progress posts with accompanying pictures only to lose motivation, confidence and drive a few months later. Every time I cheated on my diet or skipped a workout, I felt like a failure even though I worked out twice a day, six days a week, ate six times a day and prepped for four days at a time for months. Now, for any client, friend or family member who is making progress, any slip up, I would not punish, but for myself, I felt like I should be able to be perfect at this. Interestingly, this competition was the only thing I couldn’t do…until now.

I grew up trying to do everything well because I had so many interests but I carried with me overwhelming anxiety that I wasn’t good enough. Because of my need to try harder, I fell short with low self-esteem and major body image issues as a teen that still  held some remnants into my twenties like glue I couldn’t scrape off. I could go on TV  and perform, live in my car or crash at friends initially to survive in LA and hold multiple full-time jobs. However, I couldn’t stick to my own proper diet and exercise regime as a trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga and Pilates instructor with ten years experience who is a Masters of Social Work candidate focusing on the connection between mental health and physical health?! I felt like a fraud, and ended up gaining back the pounds and bodyfat I had lost and then some in March of this year.

My turning point came when I met my fitness inspiration and trainer IFBB Figure Olympia Pro Nicole Wilkins the following month. The first pictures are those I sent to Nicole in April of this year. The next pictures are five months later in September of this year at my competition. As I prepped, I felt a loss every time I occasionally cheated or skipped a workout. I needed to look at my comparisons to see all that I did accomplish.

April 2013     September 2013 NPC Culver City Bikini

September 2013 NPC Culver City Bikini

I am proud of my work, and enjoy working with my trainer who has ultimately made me better not just physically but more grateful, appreciative and excited for the future in what I have always wanted to do in addition to acting: work in the mass media in health and fitness. I have so much support from friends and family, and I love hearing that others are inspired to get in better shape now too. My goal is to help people do the best they can at any given time and that “the best they can” is great enough.


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