What If… We Never Gave Up?

❤️ What if I told you that every failure has meaning to prepare us for the success to come? What if every set-back was just a pivot, time standing still for a while, so the right time can play? What if the people who have hurt us in the past or we have hurt, were lessons learned so we can know our worth for the right people, and so we can be a better source of love for them as well? What if we can turn comparisons into inspiration and learn that our best is enough? What if our past are these beautiful and not-so-beautiful stepping stones to more great places ahead? What if our anxiety for the future can be replaced with excitement that whatever happens, God has our hand? What if everytime we lose ground and dip in the water now and then is simply a chance to get back up and feel refreshing resilience? What if… we didn’t give up? This is something I work on and if you are with me on this, I’m right there with you – Christy #timetoshine

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