Cook with Christy Tuesdays: Spotlight on… Favorite Nutrition Bars

Hey ChristyFit Friends,

This week’s Cook with Christy Tuesdays is a Spotlight on… My Favorite Nutrition Bars. I’m highlighting 3 of my favorite bars for snacks or on-the-Go meals.

This list is NOT exhaustive and in NO particular order but these options will be fantastic healthier alternatives to your usual sugary candy bar fix or to nixing the poor habit of skipping meals altogether.

Below are examples of each bar’s nutrition facts and my brief reviews.

Nutrition Bar #1: Perfect Bar

Perfect Bar is a step above many others when it comes to coveted natural ingredients, sporting organic brown rice protein to support our lean tissues, and adding a healthy dose of post-workout friendly minerals, like potassium and a tiny bit of sodium. The calories will fill you up and the taste is impeccable. However, if you are allergic to dairy, please avoid this product as nonfat dry milk is listed as an ingredient. I tend to have lactose intolerance (different than an allergy) and I have no problem consuming 1 (or 3) of these bars 😉 One of my favorite flavors is Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Nutrition Bar #2: Clif Nut-Butter Filled Bar

These delicious adventure bars have been my go-to post- race snack for two half-marathons now. They fuel without bloating with their steady macro ratio of carbs, fats and proteins. Organic ingredients, smooth taste and satiating quality add to their star factor. These bars are higher in carbohydrates so they tend to be best post-workout or for earlier in the day. One of my favorite flavors is Dark Chocolate Hazelnut.

Nutrition Bar #3: Square Organics

A decadent tasting organic bar that is actually healthy. Take one bite and you will think it’s a candy bar in disguise. But with high protein, healthy fats and a low calorie count, these bars are great paired with an apple or banana or a few whole-grain or gluten-free crackers. They are best viewed as a tasty snack if having alone or as part of a quick and healthy meal. One of my favorite flavors is Chocolate Coconut.

I have tried many protein and nutrition bars through the years, and I have found that natural ingredients, limited to no artificial flavors and preservatives, great taste, gluten-free and limited to no dairy are best for me.

You might be surprised that former higher protein, lower sugar bars I have posted in the past are not on this list. As new research comes out, my own health journey evolves, and my goals change, so will my favorite foods and beverages.

I am curious to hear what are your favorite snack foods and bars. Share with me below!

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