Cook with Christy Tuesdays! Gluten-Free Burgers with a Spicy Salad

Happy Tuesday My Christy FitFam!

I’ve decided to kickstart the new year with a delicious series on my blog called “Cook with Christy Tuesdays.” Each week, I’ll post a brand new, complete, nutritious meal you can add the same day or later in the week. Whether you need to grab food on the go, are planning a special dinner event at-home with friends or family, or you want an enjoyable meal for yourself, you can find your yummy fix here! Join me each week and we’ll cook together.

I would also love to hear your feedback on the meals you try in the comments below. Please send me any recipes you have found too. I will share your delicious plan on one of my future Tuesdays as my Featured Guest!

Enjoy this healthier twist on a classic All-American favorite.

Gluten-Free Burgers with a Spicy Salad:

Cook with Christy Tuesdays #1.jpg


    Portions vary depending on your body type and goals. Please connect with me for portion sizes that would be best for you.


– 3-6 ounce 90% lean beef patty

– 1 toasted gluten-free bun

– 1/2-1 tbsp low-sugar ketchup and yellow mustard.

– 1-2 cups mixed greens

– 3-6 cherry tomatoes

– 2-4,marinated and roasted artichokes

– 3-6 jalapeño peppers

– dashes of vegetarian “Bacon” bits seasoning

– 1-2 tbsp Primal Kitchen Caesar dressing


1. Cook burger to your heated preference (I use a George Foreman Grill)

2. Lightly heat burger buns (I use an AirFryer)

3. Combine the greens, tomatoes, artichokes, jalapeño peppers, seasoning and dressing for the side salad

4. Lay burger on the bun and top with ketchup and mustard


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