ChristyFit How-To Series: How to Perform a Pushup


In order to get the most benefit out of compound muscular movements, we must perform them correctly so we can engage the right muscle groups and not stress our joints and bones. I created this 5-Part weekly how-to video series to show you how to perform correctly 5 of the top exercises for full-body shape and strength.

 This week, I show you how to correctly perform the pushup. This exercise helps to gain strength in our chest, triceps and shoulders while also engaging our core and glutes for stability.  Please perform 3 sets of 10-12 reps and you may modify with knees touching the ground as you work up to the full pushup.

Note: For a more customized training and nutrition program, please email me at: or if you are in the Austin area, please stop by and take one of my Orange Theory Fitness classes!




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