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ChristyFit Friday: New Year Abs

2 Jan

With a brand new year, is it time to switch up your usual abdominal exercises, beat a frustrating plateau, or kick up your training a notch (or two) to really see the definition and leanness in your abs you crave? Then, try these 4 ab moves before the weekend is out to jump start your mid-section progress.


Click HERE for New Year Ab Video

Note: Perform 2-3 sets of the following exercises for New Year worthy abs!

New Year Ab Move #1: Bent to Straight Legged Pull-Ins (10 reps)

New Year Ab Move #2: Around the Worlds (10 reps)

New Year Ab Move #3: Plank Hold with Abduction to Extension (10 reps)

New Year Ab Move #4: Scissors Front (10 reps) to Cross-Over Scissors (20 reps)


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