ChristyFit Vid: 5 Must-Try Moves When Short On Time Part 3 of 5

Want sleek arms, lean legs and a tiny, strong core but you are short on time? Then, try these 5 moves I designed for a full-body workout that will burn calories, enhance your overall strength and save you time.

Move #3: Bent-Knee V-Ups with Overhead Bar Hold


1. Utilizes the entire abdominal region and lower back muscles to maintain balance throughout the reverse crunch.

2. Shoulders are engaged and intensity is added with the weighted bar overhead.

How to Do It:

1. Holding a 20-35 lb bar overhead and hands shoulder-width apart, sit back onto sacrum.

2. Lean back, extending legs in front.

3.Then, using abs to initiate the crunch, immediately pull upper spine forward as legs bend inward and repeat.

Try 3-4 sets of 20 reps.

Stay tuned for Move #4 in tomorrow’s ChristyFit post of this 5-Part Series and also please check out my Instagram, FB and Twitter @ChristySiebert for more tips like these!

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