ChristyFit Vid: 5 Must-Try Moves When Short On Time Part 2 of 5

Want sleek arms, lean legs and a tiny, strong core but you are short on time? Then, try these 5 moves I designed for a full-body workout that will burn calories, enhance your overall strength and save you time.

Move #2: Alternating DB Row with Plank Hold

How to Do It:

1. Begin in a bent-knee push-up position and latch hands around each 10-25 lb weight.

2. Remain in bent-knee position or straighten legs to a full-plank.

3. Using back and biceps, pull right weight up to ribs, making sure elbow stays close to body throughout the entire movement and minimizing rotation in the core.

4. Set weight back down to mat and repeat exercise on the left side.

Try 3-4 Sets of 20 Total Reps.


1. Engages the mid-back muscles and the biceps.

2. The plank hold adds strength work to the core muscles and glutes.

Stay tuned for Move #3 in tomorrow’s ChristyFit post of this 5-Part Series and also please check out my Instagram, FB and Twitter @ChristySiebert for more tips like these!



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