ChristyFit in 10: Meals Made in 10 Minutes or Less! Part 2

With winter arriving, comfort foods also seem to pop up in our meals more often. Are you craving a delicious fried chicken sandwich or a decadent slice of pumpkin pie but don’t want to pay in extra dollars, fat and calories at that buffet or fast food restaurant? Then, check out my next ChristyFit in 10 meal. You can save time, money and pounds while enjoying a tasty lunch or dinner you can make in 10 minutes or less!

imageBoca brand Chicken Veggie Patty with a side of 1/2 tbsp creamy horseradish sauce alongside 1 cup Broccoli Sprouts and 1 slice Ezekial Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin, toasted, and topped with 1 tbsp Pure Pumpkin Purée, 1 packet Truvia and dashes of Pumpkin Pie Spice.

Why Choose This?

The chicken veggie patty contains loads of protein while maintaining the same great chicken patty taste. The horseradish sauce adds a spicy kick with low calories. The broccoli sprouts add a fresh and crunchy balance to the meal. Even better, according to a John Hopkins School of Medicine Research study (1997), just 1 ounce of this sprout carries more antioxidants than 3 pounds of broccoli. To satisfy your sweet tooth, my Pumpkin Pie Bread delivers, also adding protein and fiber from the Ezekial bread, loads of vitamin A with low sugar from pure pumpkin and the Truvia and Pumpkin Pie spice are 0 calorie natural sweeteners that won’t raise your blood sugar levels.

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