ChristyFit in 10: Meal Prep Ideas Part 1

Lets envision this scenario: You wake up, missing you alarm. Flustered, you scramble to get ready, grab your keys and suddenly realize you didn’t plan your meals for the day. Per usual, you admit to yourself you’ll get up earlier tomorrow and now plan on that high-fat latte at Starbucks or that mayo-laden chicken sandwich at the nearest fast-food restaurant.


Now let’s mark today as a new scenario. You take a deep breath, set your keys down, and give yourself 10 minutes to make 2 quick meals, which will save your bank account and your waistline. You can enjoy that fast food on another day.

ChristyFit Meal Ideas Part 1:

Spinach Egg Omelette with a side of Cinnamon Raisin Ezekial Bread topped with Neufchâtel cheese.

-2 eggs cooked over-easy mixed with 1 cup cooked spinach leaves topped with dashes of pepper.

-1 slice of Cinnamon Raisin Ezekial Bread topped with 1/2 TBSP Neufchâtel cheese.

Why Choose This:

The eggs provide protein while the egg yolks provide additional protein, vitamins and healthy fat. The spinach provides fiber and vitamins and its water-base will fill you up and add extra water to your day. The Ezekial bread is hearty, flavorful and provides protein and fiber. The Neufchâtel cheese is decadent and has less fat and calories than regular or low-fat traditional cream cheese.

Grilled Open-Face Veggie Burger on Ezekial Muffin topped with Bean Sprouts, Cherry Tomatoes, Turmeric, Pepper and Dijon Mustard.

-1 Boca Grilled Veggie Patty topped with dashes of turmeric, pepper and mustard

-1/2 Ekekial English Muffin (you may add 1 tsp of organic butter to taste)

-1 cup Bean Sprouts

-4 cherry tomatoes

Why Choose This:

The veggie burger provides a great source of protein. The Ezekial muffin balances out the protein with healthy carbohydrates and energy. The turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and also provides a spicy kick along with the pepper and mustard. The bean sprouts provides a crunchy taste to balance out the soft taste of burger and also provides nourishing vitamins and fiber to keep you satiated along with the juicy tomatoes with healthy lycopene.

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