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Staying Fit When that Goal is Over

2 Dec


You may be someone who slipped into that beautiful wedding dress or tux, jumped into the ocean in your new swimsuit, competed in a fitness competition or finished that road race. Whatever goal you set, it has officially been accomplished. Now what?! Your strict plan may have allowed you to look a certain way or have the energy to complete a race but many times, we need a slow transition back to “fitness normalcy.” I may be in off-season for NPC Bikini but that does not mean I’m not hitting the weights. Yes, I eat more moderately than when I’m prepping, and I’ve lessened my cardio. But sticking to a regular plan of eating and exercise is imperative if you want to continue your progress for life. Here are my 5 tips to staying on track when that goal is over:

1. Invent smaller goals. Set the date for a 5K; move up a weight in your resistance- training exercises; or plan a short weekend getaway.

2. Stick to an eating schedule.
Portion sizes and types of foods may change from your pre- goal plan but you can eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism running and your blood sugar levels stabilized.

3. Plan to workout at least 3 times per week. You are past goal-mode but your muscles and lungs need to be continually challenged.

4. Encourage your friends and family to stick to a plan with you. Start a weight-loss challenge at work; bring a friend or significant other to the gym with you; or cook similar meals for the whole family.

5. Maintain a grateful attitude toward your body. You may be lacking determination now that the goal is complete but you have the strength to walk on the treadmill; you have the funds to buy healthy foods; and you had the gusto to accomplish your goal once, and you can do it again.


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