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Chocolate Walnut Protein Shake

31 Jul

Chocolate Walnut Protein Shake

– 1 scoop protein powder (Here, I used Met-Rx brand Peanut Butter Cup)
-4 drops dark chocolate liquid stevia drops (Here, I used Better Stevia brand)
-10 walnut halves
-3 ice cubes
-approx. 4 oz water (depends on desired thickness quality)

-Add protein powder, ice cubes, stevia drops, walnuts and water to a blender
-Mix for about 20-30 sec and serve


Summer Body-Friendly Sweetened Iced Tea

27 Jul

Summer Body-Friendly Sweetened Ice-Tea

Want to sweeten up your iced tea without the calories? Try this guilt-free combination below:

-12 ounces unsweetened iced tea (I used Tejava)
-Liquid stevia drops (I used Sweet Leaf)

1.) Add 15 drops liquid stevia to iced tea for moderate sweetness (use more or less depending on desired taste).
2.) Shake or stir iced tea and enjoy.

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