Re-entering the Competition, Motivation Upgrade PLUS Friday Fit Cardio

So writing this post feels like de-ja-veux as I am about 8 weeks away from my current competition. I needed to attend graduate school orientation this weekend of my previous competition so I was very fortunate the promoters could switch my entry to May 25th. Frankly, I am secretly happy because I was not prepared mentally as I should have been. It is very difficult training oneself/having a boyfriend and friends help along the way. I felt I could get away with cheats and skipping on workouts because I had no one to whom to be objectively accountable.

I took advantage of my extra weeks until I saw a posting on IFBB Figure Pro Nicole Wilkins’ Facebook site that she had few openings in her training schedule. I leaped at the chance to work with her because she would definitely kick my butt, and I would not slack off like I had before. I messaged her, and we had our first training session this past Tuesday. My legs have never felt the kind of soreness walking up and down stairs, sitting, standing, ouch! I had apparently not really pushed myself to competitor standards. The upside is Nicole thinks I am right on target for my NPC Bikini comp, and I need to just get my lower half down about 10 lbs. I think I lost a pound or what feels like 10 after that workout!

I only cheated on my plan once since we met, and I thought I would share with you something Nicole said to which I think we can all relate: “Motivation will wax and wane.”  We cannot rely on our motivation and excitement to always get us through the healthy eating and workouts. Some days we will feel like we can eat perfectly and workout to the max and other days we’ll not want to workout or we’ll prefer to eat that cake when we know it is not on our plan. At those times of general lethargy or feeling blah!, we just need to not give in to our feelings and instead stay focused on the plan. No one ever regrets eating healthy and working out. We only regret the days we missed our chance to take care of ourselves because we were not feeling up to par.

I have devised a treadmill circuit for you to try (2 different settings depending on your comfortability but adjust as you need) to prove to yourself you can take charge of your health regardless of your motivation today. I will have a strength, fat-burn circuit video for you next week too woo-hoo! Even if you are feeling down or tired on this Friday, I guarantee you will feel better when you are done. Get ready to sweat!



5 min/2.0%/3.0mph/walk

2 min/5.0%/3.0mph/hill-walk

1 min/5.0%/4.5mph/run (or if remaining walking: 5.0%/3.5 mph)

Alternate the 2 min/1 min sequence 10 x

5 min/2.0%/3.0mph/walk

Total time: 40 min


5 min/2.0%/3.5 mph/walk

2 min/8.0%/3.2 mph/hill-walk

1 min/8.0%/6.0mph/sprint (or may increase to 8.0%/7.0 mph)

Alternate the 2 min/1 min sequence 10 x

5 min/2.0%/3.0 mph/walk

Total time: 40 min

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