8 Weeks of Training Down for NPC Bikini – Progress Update

A lot can be accomplished in eight weeks. In my case, sticking to a plan, falling down, rising again, repeat. Sometimes when we have a fitness and health goal, we forget that all the stresses that prevented us from embarking on our plan in the first place are still there. Some of the best advice I can give you to prevent those nagging stressors (or excuses) from blocking your ultimate goal is to remember:

“Excuses are temporary words we say to ourselves. Are you going to let temporary words dictate your entire future? Then, no more excuses. Just action” 

Now, in regards to my progress, I still have more changes to make but I have definitely improved, and I stopped (for the most part) letting excuses mold my weeks ahead. I highly encourage all of you to take body fat measurements, progress pictures, etc to monitor your progress and to celebrate changes.

My results in 8 weeks? At 5’2″, I went from 23.2% body fat at 116 lbs to 15.3% at 117 lbs meaning, I was able to increase my muscle mass while I lost significant body fat. Weight is only important if you take into account what that weight is composed of: fat or muscle, tissue and water.

Now onto my progress pic comparisons from 11/25/12 to 1/28/13 (8 weeks):


Next post, get ready for one of my full-body fat blaster workouts. Stay tuned…



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