Christy’s 10 Weeks to Fitness Resolution Change

January 1st marks a new beginning: a new gym membership or a renewal of attendance, new contents in the refrigerator and cupboards and a new outlook on your year; a fit year, to be exact. Aahh the fresh smell of change!…Or was that the smell of sweat? Or raw broccoli?


You see new changes appear to be fantastic – at first. That is until reality sets in and your constant gym sessions and bland food become tedious. Then, nights out to dinner with friends or lazy nights in with pizza become so much more appealing. And sooner or later, BAM! it is December 31st again, and you haven’t accomplished your fitness goals.

Sound depressing? Well today, you are going to stop the cycle of deprivation and move toward easier change by following my 10 weeks, 10 changes plan for 2013. Get ready for a new body that you can maintain ALL year.

The premise of my ChristyFit 10 Week Resolution Plan is to make one change per week. Follow that change consistently for seven days and then add another change the following week. By the 10th week, you should have 10 new changes working simultaneously in your plan. By adding changes incrementally, you won’t shock your body and mind, and can maintain the habit versus feeling overwhelmed.

Visually track your progress on my ChristyFit 10 weeks of Fitness Resolutions, by taking four full-length pictures of yourself (front, side left, back, side right) and full-body measurements both before and after the 10 weeks.

WEEK ONE: Drink 1-2 gallons of water per day.

WEEK TWO: Add 3 days of 30 minutes cardio or 1-2 extra days of cardio to your current regimen.

WEEK THREE: Switch from white bread to Ezekial bread (any flavor) or if already consuming Ezekial bread, add low-salt brown rice cakes.

WEEK FOUR: Include 5 servings of vegetables per day or add 1 to 2 extra servings of vegetables per day from your current regimen (1 serving= 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked).

WEEK FIVE: Take 1 multi-vitamin supplement and 1 gram fish oil pill; and 1 protein shake or smoothie post-workout.

WEEK SIX:  Include 3 days per week at 10 minutes each of full-body stretching post-workout or add an extra 1-2 days of 10 minutes each.

WEEK SEVEN: Include 2 days of full-body strength circuits per week; or one upper and one lower day per week; or add 1-2 extra strength training days to current program.

WEEK EIGHT: Include a protein-rich source with every meal; or add 1-2 servings of protein rich foods per day to current regimen (ex. egg whites, chicken, beans).

WEEK NINE: Replace all sugar-laden foods with fruit, greek yogurt, fat-free cottage cheese and protein smoothies.

WEEK TEN: Replace all sodium-rich foods with home-made sweet potato fries, raw almonds or cashews, quinoa and oatmeal.

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