Officially 12 Weeks Out- Progress Photo Update

I am officially 12 weeks out from NPC Bikini Competition. I decided to take my progress pictures today and compare them with photos from three weeks ago. Progress photos are a necessary evil. We yearn for the end result but how do we know if we’re on the right track without the objective picture? For a physique competition, appearance of fitness is extremely important. But even for weight-loss, fat-loss, muscle-gains, etc., progress photos can ensure you are: 1. Eating the right amount, 2. Exercising the right amount and 3. Letting go of some unnecessary stress. Most likely, if you have been following a fitness regime at least 80% of the time, your results will appear better on camera than you had thought.

Now, I have more progress to go with building muscle and losing body-fat. I will show you examples of pictures of my ultimate goal and beyond for this competition but the main points are to: 1. Appeal to a feminine and fit physique 2. Show proportionate and mainstream muscle and leanness 3. Present a fitness model-type appearance on stage. The other divisions for women in NPC competitions are Figure, Physique and Bodybuilding; the divisions for men are Physique and Bodybuilding. I think the bikini division is best for me, and I am excited to show up on stage on March 9th in Culver City, CA. 90-day challenge here we go!!

I was happier than I thought with my improvements especially after some set-backs (refer to my previous post).  The way we ALL lose body-fat is not determined by us (AKA no spot-reduction is possible) but by genetics, nutrition and exercise. I am noticing the most improvement in my upper and lower back and arms. I am noticing slight improvement in my abs and lower body but more will occur the longer I stick to my plan. My advice to those who have fitness goals is to not just focus on one part of your body such as hips, even though that can still be a main goal. You must also relish in stronger arms, a flatter stomach and better energy and attitude. ALL of that counts too.

(11/25/12)                (12/16/12)

Image   Image

Image   Image


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