Fall Down 8 Times, Get Up 9: My Week in a Nutshell

Aahh the week no one wants. The “I’m stressed and this is not fair” week; which leads to the “I’m lazy and tired” week; which succumbs to the “Oh, that cake looks really good, and I would rather watch that show” week; which, ultimately, leads to the “I’ve fallen off track” week. Let me explain.

For weeks, I have diligently bought pre-contest chicken, asparagus and more healthy delights. I have fatigued my muscles with heavy weights and pushed my heart during runs and hills. I have truly enjoyed the process. However, a lovely thing called Life happens, and voila! extra nibbles or more than nibbles of candy bars slip into the day, and gym time suddenly diminishes.

After what  seemed like an eternity (less than a week) of pity parties and long, get-up-and-go talks with my boyfriend, friends and my mom, I realized one important thing: NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL YOU MAKE A DECISION AND THEN ACT ON IT.

Your eating habits, fitness level, career, school, family, relationships and your well-being and happiness will not improve until you make a decision to change it or change your perspective on it.

Once I put action to thought, focusing on just what I am doing NOW (making a healthy meal, going to the gym to focus on one workout, going to work for that day, hanging out with a friend, etc) is the day I found my track again. Sometimes, when we have goals, we get so caught up with the days ahead that we don’t focus on the easiest part: right now. Take a moment to just take a breath and focus on today. Yes, we all need short- and long- term goals but lets have our MAIN focus be living a full life today.




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