The Mentality of Fitness

This afternoon, sore and stressed, I drove to Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. The hills, air and view transformed  my focus from the pain in my biceps (I’ll get to that later) and the day’s stresses into exhilaration and peace. As I climbed higher on this tougher route I periodically take, I glanced up and saw I had a little ways to go until I reached the pinnacle.

At that moment, I realized how often we focus only on our goals ahead  and not also on the amazing feats we have already accomplished…

Today was a particularly beautiful day in LA, and I was thrilled to set my previous days’ workouts and personal stresses aside to climb the hill and spot this gorgeous view.

When it comes to fitness, or in my case, an NPC Bikini Competition, I have found some major resources to keep me determined when the hill looks too steep and too long. Here, I share with you some top motivators to help you push through those last couple reps or to down yet another piece of broccoli.

1. Faith in self, a higher power or whatever gives you inner motivation and strength- I truly believe that having a passionate and unwavering faith in the best version of yourself or in a higher power will give you the gusto to practice and perfect your health goal when everyone and everything around you may attempt to pull you away. Keep up the faith!

2. Support System (or torture system if talking about a trainer or coach (kidding, sort of)- I have been fortunate enough to take part in BodybyVi’s 90-day health challenge (, which gives me another reason to stay on track. My boyfriend is my trainer for this competition so I get no mercy in the gym. Even trainers need trainers! A personal trainer or coach is a great investment when you have a goal that requires more motivation, knowledge and accountability. Take charge of your health and get help from a trainer or join a challenge or team!

3. Up-Beat Workout Tracks- When I dread certain workouts, like most of them lately, I need some music to pump me up. I recently went on iTunes and downloaded 10-15 songs that would specifically gear me through my workouts. Trust me, it works!

4. Find enjoyment in what you have accomplished while knowing you still have a great journey ahead- Write down your goals daily but look back at what you have crossed off the bucket list. You may be surprised at how far you’ve come.

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