Christy’s Top 5…Fitness Moves on a Time Crunch

Don’t have much time but need your workout fix? Here are my top five, power-packed moves to burn fat fast. The best part? This Time-Crunch Fat Burner workout takes only about 15 minutes.

Note: Perform each move without stopping to rest. This will ensure a time-efficient, higher intensity workout.

1. JUMPING JACKS – 100 reps. HOW TO DO IT: Begin standing with feet together and arms at your sides. Immediately jump your feet out to past hip-width apart and swing your arms out and overhead. Return to start, maintaining a fast tempo.  BENEFITS: Cardiovascular endurance and fat-burning.

2. SQUATS– 25 reps. HOW TO DO IT: With feet hip-width apart and toes facing forward, inhale and gently sit back into your heels so your glutes (behind) end at or slightly below 90 degrees of your knees. Make sure knees remain behind your toes. Exhale, and squeeze your glutes together as your hips shift upward to starting position. BENEFITS: Strengthens the glutes, hamstrings and  quadriceps.

3. PUSH-UPS- 10 reps. HOW TO DO IT: On a mat or floor, place hands shoulder-width apart with fingers pointing forward. Rest knees on ground and place feet together or to intensify the move, lift your knees off the mat and extend your legs. Inhale, and lower upper body and pelvis as you widen elbows until arms are at 90 degrees. Then, exhale and press body back up to starting position. BENEFITS: Strengthens chest and triceps.

4. INVERTED ROWS – 10 reps. HOW TO DO IT: Lay under a parallel bar or Smith machine bar and place hands shoulder-width apart in an underhand grip with legs bent or to increase the intensity level, straighten legs. Then, exhale, and pull yourself up using your back and biceps as you squeeze your elbows into your sides. Inhale as you release back down without touching your back or glutes to the floor. BENEFITS: Strengthens back and biceps.

5. SLOW MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS- 30 reps. HOW TO DO IT: Begin on all fours on a mat, place hands shoulder-width apart directly over wrists with fingers pointed forward. Next, extend your legs back with feet together, creating a straight-arm plank pose. Exhale, and squeeze your left knee toward your chest. Inhale and immediately switch legs, pulling your opposite knee toward your opposite shoulder with control. BENEFITS: Strengthens abdominals and shoulders.

Perform these exercises for 1-3 sets for a great, full-body workout in limited time.

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